Intake Form

Thank you for choosing to submit your intake form to St. Michael’s Legal Center. Before you begin, please ensure you have all relevant documents saved in either PDF or JPG format, ready for upload. This is essential for a thorough and efficient review of your case. We want to remind you that submitting this intake form is the first critical step for us to consider your request for legal assistance. However, please understand that completing and submitting this form does not guarantee legal representation; a review for qualification is necessary.

We emphasize that the submission of cases via this intake form is mandatory. It is the most efficient way for our team to assess and process requests for legal support.

If you face any technical issues or need assistance specifically with filling out the intake form, please call St. Michael’s Legal Center office at 813-289-5385 for support. This phone line is dedicated solely to providing help with technical difficulties related to the form. When calling, kindly provide your contact information and describe the technical issue you are encountering. Note that this line is not for general inquiries or discussions about your case but is intended for technical assistance with the form only. We aim to return calls regarding technical support within 72 hours.

Please do not attempt to seek assistance through email, as emails will not receive a response. Our focus is on efficiently processing and reviewing submissions made directly through our intake form to ensure your case is considered as promptly as possible.